Just got my SNG

Boom my SNG bustin’ out at G6 w my new toy.


Those in a Tree Shots…

Trees I have seen is a popular theme, hey it is for me too, am always fooling around in the woods. That sounds more salacious than it ought. Or I have a dirty mind. Dealer’s choice. Became more of a running joke like the bridge shots, but they look great out of doors. I like a good hike & generally being outdoors. Plus, it’s a four mile daily walk to coffee where I get many chances to pop a knife or two into a tree for style & grace aka the hell of it. Much less in the woods proper. Here are some of the aforementioned shots. Technically the CQC-7 is kicking it with a flowerbush, but hey.

Quartermaster QSE3 Sonny Crockett

IMG_1080 IMG_0727 IMG_0568 IMG_1503 IMG_1609 IMG_1684